Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Biggest Smallest Question?

It simply is What do I want?

To some the answer might be very simple. For others it might be difficult. The real difficulty is when you cannot figure out what you truly desire and you get infatuated with every other thing around you. For desire to truly stick with you, must has to solely reside within you and it must not be a mere projection of you identifying yourself with any idea or a personality alone.

Most of us are passing our days of lives in a very superficial way. Not caring about what really matters, spending time in activities that don't add up to anything life and most of all we are not content from inside, because if we were 'happy' we would have been living a completely different life. Why? Because happiness demands authenticity and originality. It is not a mere shadow of someone else's thoughts and ideas. It is free like a bird, like a thought that dazzles your mind, a euphoria that stays for infinity.

This state of contention consumes on one's desires, it is in the way of its fulfillment, it is in the strive of its achievement and it is something that provides the impetus to move forward. The strength and density of this happiness lies within the infatuation itself. It is not ephemeral ecstasy that just passes once and leaves your soul empty and wandering again in search. It becomes part of your soul and it gives you reason to live.

The smile on your loved ones, you comforting your parents, helping someone with sheer altruism and not telling anyone about it, it is in solitude, quietness, in the shadows of self and in the ruins of past, this state is a glowing ball inside you that keeps your spirits high and compels you to push your limits to infinity, to achieve that special place of yours, your purpose. It is this satisfaction, a holy ritual, a satisfaction that is related to the divine that is not physical in any form, that is completely spiritual.

The only unique, expensive and rare thing to find today is such a passion. Conceiving it can make miracles to happen right in front of our bare eyes.

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