Saturday, March 16, 2013


I have been feeling very down from past few months. It is like the world has become a very difficult place to live in and to stand by its injustices. It is like people have denounced known morals and I can feel nothing to inspire me to indulge myself in goodness and objectivity. I am at loss of vibe that could get me out of this detachment. I am writing this post after a very long time on my blog and in this time period, there were many things that came into mind to write about but I couldn't muster up enough enthusiasm to write.
This detachment is foremost because of two faced people that I see. While in my sins and my procrastination I cannot just bring the courage in me to face the bare reality of this very short rugged life. I have prayed to Allah and await His response. Wind blows my soul dry and i feel like stranded in my own negativity. It is difficult when you don't have beacon of light to find path. (Beacon being my mother, she always knew what I had to do). The miracle (Quran) lays in my hand and I even can not extract objectivity from it. If you have any solutions please share.