Friday, October 29, 2010

Feeling the extreme authority!!

Today i went to the mosque of my university to offer the the jumma' salah. There the chairman of our islamic studies department was giving the seremon. As the time of jamaat came near the people were all packed up inside. At that moment a thought came into my mind like a wildfire that how much these people were, with a little of guess work i was able to conclude that they were nearly 1000. When the seremon in arabic was started i was seeing an immense wave of spirituality in everybody. Everyone was listening with their heads down. I was seeing the imam as a leader who was telling everybody about the importance of hajj. There came to me a strong desire to see this very imam as a guide, a leader from our todays' war torn and suffering world, which is not only suffering from the loss of lives but also from the loss of ideologies, the loss of true humaan values, in short the loss of every thing unique we humans have in the many creations of Allah Subhanawatalla. I see the imam in our mosques as leaders who must lead this hollow, gloomy, selfish and undignied society to the heights of moral character, and dignity and to inculculate in them the will and desire to fullfill what Allah wants to be fulfilled, what Allah has created them for, what He wishes to see in them, and to provide them an ideal so pure that everyone becomes a living light for others, everyone becomes the eradicator of all the fallacies and lies being faced by humanity, and who lifts up this curtain of uncertainity, deception, aimlessness and above all the inhumanity which is dancing with new robes of modernity and liberty.

The students in the mosque and everybody present there was very keenly listening to the imam. that is why if only every imam, does learn the message of holy quran and truly understands the aim which it has bestowed upon humanity and if only he, understands the duty of every muslim clearly, with a new faith and a new spirit, and he tends to learn about the modern satanic forms and its implicatons and learns to fight them then i am very hopeful that the state of humanity will change in a split of a second. But today i see the imams speaking about groups and i see them distorting the meaning of holy quran so easliy according to their will that i get frightened about what is going to happen with them on the day of the judgement.
An immense and unwaivering faith is required by every muslim in today's world of blasphemy and materialism, faith that prunes to induce determination, selflessness and responsibilty in one's self. Only in this faith lies our salvation, and only there lie my only hopes without which i am hopeless.!!!