Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A message from the mongols!

It is very sad to see that the people of Pakistan as well as the muslims all around the world have forgotten their culture and heritage. Recently i visited a local industry in gujranwala with some of my fellows and we wanted to know the types of grades being used in the industry on telling this query the incharge showed us a brochure of the industry in china that sold them steel. On the first page their was a very beautiful picture of the valley where the factory was located and on the next page there was written a brief history of the culture and its heritage in some celibrating words right next to it their was witten in chinese as well as in english that:
" Never giving up thinking
New breakthrough everyday
Cohesion of dream and faith
We have the same direction with the common value as the gravitation and magnetic field
Set up a humanity team
Precise work creates outstanding
Innovation makes a success of future"

These lines set me to thinking that how well they have preserved their heritage and they boast it even on pamphlet related to a steel industry.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Today it was raining!

Today it was a rainy day and people were happy about it. But i was very much sad about it because the wheat crops are ripe and it is their harvesting season. Today's rain was not a blessing but a wrath of Allah Almighty. It might have effected the crops badly.
We people are seeing things from their surface why don't we think deeply on whatsoever is upon us. The peace action between pakistan and india as "AMAN KI ASHA" is being hailed by group of people as a very positive act while india has stopped the water of pakistan and i am not hearing voice over that issue in media or anywhere else. this list will go on and on and on...
Knowing the results of our actions we still don't ponder over changing them or becoming aware of them. We are stunned by the glitters of this modern world which has infact given us nothing except pain, suffering and chaos. We must repent on our deeds and we should pray to Allah for forgiveness.
According to iqbal:
"We are still not aware of our awareness."