Monday, February 7, 2011


“Contemplation is a curse that makes an old confusion worse” I don’t know who said it but whenever I remember these words I feel like I am living my life in a deception. What Einstein tried to prove mathematically I think that we are all a living proof of it, we are living in a relative world where nothing is absolute, not even time, space, people, emotions, feelings, desires, actions, behaviors, perceptions, conceptions, assumptions, presumption nothing, nothing is absolute. So, whenever we come across anything ‘new’ in our mind we stop and think what have we been doing before. Then we contemplate, then we ponder over our actions and then we try to come up with a relative ‘logic’ to satisfy what had been the driving power of our actions.
I wake up, I dress up, I pack my bag and go and attend the classes, I come back I again change my clothes, I sleep sometime and then wake up, I hang out with my friends for some time, study if I have to, and then what, I go to sleep again and then repeat this everlasting routine. This is what most of us do in UET. When some incidents (and surely they happen with everyone) make us to stop and think we just don’t bother and move on with our routines. We don’t want to ‘confuse’ ourselves from any past mistake, or I would say we don’t want to deny our actions our egos even when we know that they were wrong. Isn’t this a mirage, a deception, in which we are spending our lives? What does command our life and actions? What are all our actions about? What are we striving for?
A sapling (tree) when tied up in a particular direction grows into that very direction; it never goes out of the way even if it wants to. This is what our state is; we never want to go outside the boundaries set by the society. If you just try it yourself to take one step astray from the path set by the society and right away you are going to face grave and despicable circumstances and you can try it any time.
Like puppets of the society doing what everybody is doing and we say that the wisdom of mankind is at its apex and we are enjoying a free and liberal world in which we can do whatever we want to, think whatever we want to, and believe in whatever we want to, just think it yourself. We aspire for a life that is fabricated by proctor and gamble, Ferrari, Siemens, BMW, Google etc. we live our lives for the profit of these capitalists who hunt us down by their giant billboards, attractive advertisements and with offers that we cannot deny.
This is why when we have a glimpse of the true responsibilities of us and we try to contemplate, we discover our evilness, what we do is only that we ‘make an old confusion worse’. What is the society controlled by and who is the master of the puppets? I guess it is our instincts that are driving us. And we are giving freedom to ourselves to exploit these animal instincts, this is what some philosophers say, some have said that it is the ideals which control one’s perseverance, some say that it is the biological needs in control of literature, art, religion, music, culture etc. one way or the other in my opinion it is something that comes from within, it is the evil which wants us to be free from all bounds, for this very reason democracy is being hailed. It is the evolution taking place and we are exploring the areas of our conscience, by giving freedom to free lancing. This will prove nothing useful to us on the individual level and on the level of the society as a whole because it will unleash our animalism and there lies nothing good but only the wicked. For a proof of it I think I need no example West with its allies is an actual proof of it.