Friday, May 13, 2011

Reflections on Unity!

Today I learnt the sentiments of unity. Unity is something sentimental, whose basis lie on the purity of concepts and ideologies. If these ideologies are not pure, sincere and do not have any good in them they will surely erupt into chaos and turmoil that is inevitable.
There is only one idea that holds fast all the people together and that is idea of Allah for Muslims and for some it is the idea to rule. After some very grave experiences of human conscience I have reached to this point that Muslims at least can only and only be united if they hold fast the rope of Allah and that is the only way people will not contend each other and will not disrupt into disputes. There is a notion of attachment to the sentiments of power and dictatorship that one finds satisfying the psychological needs and requirements of well being. This notion is actually a lust, a mirage that never ends and is ever increasing. The people cannot escape from its complex networks of aspirations that hold fast to one’s soul, but only those who have ideologies pure and clear enough can undo the power of its evil and can stay united for the better of this world.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Self actualization, self or ideals all means the same thing one is referred to by Maslow, second one by Allama Iqbal and third one by Dr. Rafi-ud-din. These things are the sentiments of improving one’s self in all sectors of human life. It’s the ideals, the self which compels one to realize his responsibilities and to perform tasks which are needed the most in our society. Tolerance, mercy, forgiveness, dignity, sincerity and sacrifice are just words for people its self actualization that gives these words real meaning and no one knows the truth behind these words except those who have practiced it. So, humans are humans because they have wisdom and power of thought that gives them the power to imagine and do things none other can. If our self is dead and we do not actualize what we are and what we are capable of, we are dead and we are like other creations of Allah Subhanawata’la who do nothing but spend their lives for living and living only.
When Maslow said that self actualization is the final need of humans and one cannot proceed to it without fulfilling the smaller demands first, I was taken a back at this view point, in my opinion it is the self and the ideals which make humans human.
I see in my home, I see in my neighborhood, I see in my community, I see in my society that no one cares or bothers about things like dignity and honor they are just selling their character and their honor for money and money alone. Do you think that our society can improve if everyone has a double story house with a car in his garage and an A.C in his bedroom with a cable in his house and all other necessities (actually luxuries) of life. Do you think that it is that point in one’s life when he recognizes the meaning of these words and the meaning of humanity and the purpose of life or self actualization.
We talk about money, we care about money, we relate due to money, we act due to money, we marry due to money, and we kill due to money and one day all our actions are going to come to an end when we breathe the last breath, when we see the last picture, and when we hear the last words from our loved ones. Its then do we realize that what have we done in our lives and where did we spent it.
When one speaks the truth he knows for sure that it’s not only an obligation but the right thing to do whenever any situation comes up in his life. Some people cannot speak but truth why because it’s something from inside that compels them to do so. Therein is self and ideals so strong that they subjugate one’s will according to their code of conduct and that is the most beautiful thing we all humans have in common without which we would be nothing but animals, savage and hungry for food and shelter and for the lives of other living creatures. It leaves me inexplicable; the norms which have become a part of our lives are like a cancer which is going to vanquish us as humans. So it is not money, it is not the food and it is certainly not economy that makes us more human rather it is character, wisdom and morals that make us humans which comes through self actualization.
It left me thinking for a while when I first saw this hierarchy of needs by Maslow but I just let it go. But today there came into my mind all these things and I thought about jotting them down.