Sunday, June 26, 2011

Perceptions, Presumptions and Expectations

Once I read somewhere that perception is the ability of humans to predict or anticipate something whole while experiencing its small part that is to say, based on your previous experiences you can tell what the situation is that you are in at the moment.
It is like I live my life in a perception of how it is actually. And based on my perceptions I make presumptions and these presumptions lead me to expectations that I associate myself with. In everyday life it seems to me that we people are always presuming the behavior and attitude of others that are actually based on our own perceptions and then we expect many things from the people who are very close to us. In my opinion I believe no one on this earth is like me and understands me truly because everyone is unique if no two people can have same finger prints how they can know each other perfectly. Everyone has his own world inside him and no other can know for sure what this world actually is for that particular person. But the arrogance take holds of people and they come to believe that they know everything about the people they are close together with.
When this stage is reached in relationships people make presumptions of other’s behavior and attitude and come to believe about everything they have perceived. This makes them to predict actually what the other person’s action mean and what he aims to do. This is a dreadful thing I believe because no one can know what is inside of the other no matter how long you have spent with him and no matter how strong your relationship is.
When this stage is also over there comes the third level, in which people associate expectations with which they have spent time. But when the part of other comes into play which the other haven’t known and expectations are crushed down, then relationships are broken and there is chaos and discontent among people.
I believe that we should respect others’ inner world and must not presume that our perceptions can be right for sure and start associating our expectations with them. In this way we can be at peace with everyone at every time.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Unity Continued!

I stare at this empty canvas that is ready to take the outpour of my words. I write and the words appear black on the shiny white screen of my digital canvas that is what I should call it. My attempt to write down my thoughts for the unity of mankind whirl stranded in my brain as I try to extract my thoughts from the abyss of my conscience, in realm of reality, in the world of material. My opinions though crafted by society still give the glimpse of what 1 in 6,775,235,700 people think.
Unity and unison the key to an effective movement, the key to success, the key to unfold the bounties of nature, the key to render all the human potential and force to make this world a better place not for an individual, not for a particular commune, not for a single nation, not for a tribe, not for a particular sect of belief, but for all without discrimination and without any difference. This unity when practiced by different ideological tribes yield different outcomes which totally rely on the ideas and philosophies that particular clan believes in and have faith in. With unity there comes power which can be exploited to achieve any goal. Whether, it is the gang robberies or building up of empires, winning of the wars or statute for peace. Unity always yields something like it did for Pakistan, like it did for china, like it did for Hindus, like it did for America and like it is doing for Jews. The mass murders by Hitler and the dropping of ‘fat man’ and ‘little boy’ was also backed by unity. There is unity in cultures and unity in faiths, unity in persecution and unity in the persecuted, unity in profits and unity in losses.
So this unity yielded progress for China while the same unity destroyed Pakistan. The unity in Pakistan was to corrupt, it was to build up the personal empires instead of the country, while it was the country ahead of their actions and thoughts for Chinese, we looted and they gave to the country. They continue to give and we continue to corrupt.
The imperial genocides by America in different regions of the world are a strong consortium of people who do not want the world to progress rather they want de-development in the world. Has the world gained or lost due to this unity it’s certainly you to decide.
Unities erupt into chaos and contentions which give rise to other unions and strengthen them, fall and decline of unities go on and on and on. But this decline and rise of unions depends on the ideologies of people who are bonded in that particular consortium, in that particular tribe. If the ideology is strong enough it yields greatness, if it’s feeble it brings chaos for the world whose scars remain on the face of this planet forever. It is conclusive that the mechanics of unity and contention lies in the ideologies which govern movements.
At our front of Muslims we are divided and yes we are divided for more reasons than any other nation is. We are divided on the basis of religion, race, culture, language and of course the most grave of all these is the racial system whose boundaries lay on the sentiments of money and power. Allama Iqbal has put all of my words in few lines:
Manf-E-At Ek Hai Is Qaum Ki Nuqsaan Bhi Ek
Ek Hi Sab Ka Nabi Deen Bhi Iman Bhi Ek
Harame Paak Bhi Allah Bhi Quran Bhi Ek
Kuchh Bari Baat Thi Hote Jo Musalman Bhi Ek
Yes our Quran is one and our God is one and certainly our last Messenger is one, but we are divided and we will be divided until or unless we don’t want to be divided. There is no deception in religion; it is in the minds of mullahs who are now made the authority by ignorant ‘us’. It’s we who want to stick with our sect which has in fact become our ‘deen’ instead of Islam. I believe it is no place to prove that there is a power which has created this universe Holy Quran is His last message to humanity, as it is well explained by orators and researchers like Dr. Zakir Naik and Harun Yahya. So, here Allah says in surah rom:
So direct your face toward the religion, inclining to truth. [Adhere to] the fitrah of Allah upon which He has created [all] people. No change should there be in the creation of Allah. That is the correct religion, but most of the people do not know. (30:30)
We have forgotten our ideology and that is the basic fact of our division. No matter what basics we consider for our unity only Islam is there that can unite us again. And I have a very strong faith that it will, eventually, InshaAllah!