Saturday, June 19, 2010

Experience and faith

I was a hearing a talk by Sheikh Hamza Yusuf he quotes an ayah of the holy quran in which Allah compares people (non-believers) with worst animals living on earth and in the next ayah Allah says that these are worst then animals even. So Hamza yusuf says that these are the people who knowingly do things that harm them, they know about the results of their doings but they are still doing it.

We have often heard many tales from our parents, teachers and friends which have some moral lessons at the end. I do believe that these stories make some place in our sub conscious mind and help us to build our character but when I perceive deeply about what is happening around in my community in which I live I see the very opposite things happening around and I have to admit that people don’t have faith on what they heard in their childhood they don’t have faith on “Do good have good” or “God help those who help themselves” or “Slow and steady wins the race” etc, etc.
We don’t want to accept things without experiencing them first from our eyes from which we see or ears from which we hear or it might be the feelings which we feel through our senses. And to me it sounds very much amazing that knowing that the path I am following will lead to a disaster I still happily and greedily follow it. These types of people I think meet with failure many times in their life and when they realize that it was right: “do good and have good” the time has gone by and they cannot do anything but repent.

Contrary to this I think that the people who succeed in their life accept and have faith on the values and beliefs they develop during their life span. It sounds truly logical to me that after all “faith” has superiority over experience and we must have faith in our religion to an extent that we must not require “experience” to judge it in any way.

This strong feeling of faith will Insha’Allah remove the difficulties which are upon us as the Muslim ummah all at once completely. We only have to do what Allah wants us to do with strong faith that our deeds will prove to be fruitful.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Source of all our sorrows !

"And whatever affliction befalls you, it is on account of what your hands have wrought, and (yet) He pardons most (of your faults).(Surah 42, Verse:30) "

i encountered a shopkeeper of fruits selling mangoes. That man placed the good quality mangoes on the front side of the cart and on the back side he put the mangoes which were not good in some way either they had some dents in them or had black spots. After a tiring discussion i agreed him to let me pick myself the mangoes i wanted to buy. I bought them and went home. On my way home i remembered the above ayah that i read in quran.
I was thinking that if someone would have asked that man how is your life going?
He would never had commented with pleasant words and must have blamed many persons (including Government officials) for all awful events being occuring in his life.
Why doesn't everyone ponder over their own actions and deeds? While knowing that every deed has its effect on our material and spirtual life.
Allah-o-akbar Allah has rightly stated that the source of all our sorrows is our own self.
Let this consciousness of our deeds be a part of every moment of our lives.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Have we ever pondered that in the battle of “motah” in 8th hijri 3000 Muslims were against 200,000 men what passion was striving in those 3000 men that made them to stand against such a great majority??? Those 3000 men had their aspirations so beautiful that it made DEATH secondary and unimportant. May Allah provide us with the blessing of such an aim.
Beautiful aspirations make humans courageous beyond limits and passionate beyond bounds. It is a very interesting fact that we as humans have thirst for beauty and our self runs for it whenever it feels it. So, it is said that if one’s aspirations are beautiful they make the hurdles and difficulties of the path leading him to his aim comfortable and easy. It is our aim or objective that decides the magnitude of our efforts involved in getting from point A to point B.
It is this objective that compels us to change and evolve in a manner that best suits us and prepares us to achieve that particular goal. If we are not determined and if we don’t have beautiful aspirations our life will be void from happiness, sense of achievement and liveliness we will be doing a single job or task everyday just for bread and just living and nothing else. It will then be called, living for the sake of living. At that point there will be no difference in our life and a life of an animal.
But we have options to choose our own destiny as it is depicted in the book Alchemist that nature always provides us with signs of what we have to do and achieve in our life and these are those people who follow their dreams in the form of their aspirations that make them great and valuable in this world and in the hereafter.
Choice is always ours we can choose to live forever or we can choose to die like everyone else does. Majority always follow the norm but we have the choice of making the difference.