Friday, April 19, 2013

On rationale!

Rationale of logic is based on the perception of the sensory world. The rationale of Islam is beyond the world of senses. Logic has yielded chaos, religion promises peace. The questions that are causing confusion in our faith today is because of our inability to appreciate what religion offers and our incapacity to understand the grim realities that rationale of logic has brought to humans. Islam offers conciliation between the visible and the invisible. It does not deny the visible reality of universe but in fact, supports the material wellness of human being. But the difference between sole material development and the rationale of religion is that religion puts supreme authority in Allah, while materialism considers 'itself' the end.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

An irony!

Once there was a village. In that village people lived as long as their memories permitted. They were happy living their traditional life. Children played in the day and learned tradition at the footsteps of their elders from THE book. Men went into the fields and worked all day. The women assisted in teaching the children, doing chores at home and sometimes went to fields to share men’s burden. The men also respected their wives and didn’t burden them with worries. Women also never bothered men with lavish desires. Everybody lived happily.
One day all things turned into a nightmare for these people. Some strange people came from nowhere and looted all their homes. They came with strange devices and things the people of the village had never seen. They used these gadgets and destroyed their homes. They killed their young, raped their women, took away their children and took them into bondage.
These people were then blamed by the invaders that they were not good in defending themselves, that they were backwards and had nothing in comparison of what they had. That was the day when people from the village were robbed of their freedom. They didn’t bother anyone, they didn’t know if there was a world outside their village. They were busy in taking their tradition from one generation to the other. In doing that they had discovered great many things. But the invaders never cared for what they had and branded them slavery forever.