Sunday, November 20, 2011


People tell me that I do not judge others well; I am certainly amused by this sarcasm. I mean, why is there a need to judge people? Only reason that comes into mind is the duality of personality, which is woven in the fabric of humans today, that is, they are not what they seem to be, they do not act on purposes apparent to the public, it is call wisdom and intelligence today to judge people of what they are and what do they really mean. Surely stint is this condition of mankind. Fairness, truth, and sincerity is molded according to one’s will. We neither care for the moral sentiments of character and dignity and nor we care for others feelings and desires. This situation leads to the lack of trust and affects the natural harmony among people. And when this necessary harmony is missing from the individuals and the society as a whole there is stagnancy in the evolution of moral character and ethics. What is extensively required today by us is to understand the feelings of others rather evaluating the behaviors of others by mere guesses. And instead of imposing our own set of beliefs on others we should try and seek to comfort others by trying to know their abilities and lend a hand in extending them rather diminishing them by unnecessary judgments and predictions. While it is a very well known fact that nothing can be judged or guessed with hundred percent sureties. As well it is not the right vested to us by Allah and we have no authority over it. May Allah bless us with a true understanding of this ayah: ولقد كرمنا بني آدم We have honored the sons of Adam