Monday, July 16, 2012

Reminisce on vanity of Nations!

These were the famous words of soldiers marching into Russia singing:
Let everything go to pieces, We march on
For today Germany is ours;
Tomorrow the whole world!
These have taken from the book "Why Nations go to war" by John G. Stoessinger.
What happened in that war, its catastrophes are explicitly known by everyone today. And i was just imagining that sense of profound vanity that brought Hitler and his subservient a scourging defeat.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Performance Measuring Indicator

the other i just had a flash that what could be the Performance Measuring Indicator (PMI) for evaluating effectiveness of the islaah that ulemas tend to make while delivering their Friday sermons and other islaahi speeches.
The plan that came into my mind is this:
After the sermon, the speaker should tell a conclusion in a form of an action and thereby asking listeners to act upon. At the end of the next sermon or speech, everyone should be given a small piece of paper and be told to write down the extent to which he was able to perform the action as was advised by the speaker. The person should write down what benefits did that particular action provided. Furthermore, if he wasn't able to act then what were the hurdles he faced and what are the possible solutions. This method can be adopted for those groups who are introvert and are literate. This thing can be done on paper but as i am writing this i am thinking that Pakistanis are not all literate. So, to solve this issue people who are extrovert but are not literate can be asked to sit in another session and answer the questions separately. People who are literate and are introvert should be again and again convinced to join the extrovert group.
The people should interact in some way with the speaker and vice versa. This interaction should be done in a way that could be quantified so as to give a measure precisely that what is needed.
This might be a way of measuring the effectiveness of a speech or a speaker. It can make speakers more aware of what they are missing in their sermons. It might indicate that why words of khateeb are not effective change elements now-a-days in our society and mainly it will aware speakers that where they lack. It will also give confidence to people that where they stand morally in the society, what values are missing in them and how these can be improved.
The data collected through this practice can give an overall picture of what people think and where they want to go. It can surely tell that where people are broke and where they are strong. It will tell in which areas betterment is required and in which areas it is satisfactory. I mean we should utilize these tools of PMI in order to better understand the society and to know what is needed the most in our society. What usually happens in the sermons is that a speaker speaks; people listen; and go home without any interaction or feedback. There is a small interval of time at which everybody thinks that yes i have to do this; it is important; but as the moment passes he forgets everything and is left into the abyss like before.
Up till now i have not seen any type of Performance Measuring method utilized by the speakers of mosques in order to know what are the impacts of their speech and how can they do better.
I know that there are a lot of factors that I am not taking into account. But still i think it can be done in many mosques around the globe.
The readers are most welcome to iterate this method into something more practical and effective.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Philosopher

I could not find anything about the writer, but this story is worth a read. you can find it here at
It is written by Judith Kipling.