Wednesday, March 28, 2012


It is the most amazing and most longed for feeling for somebody who has done tiring efforts to create something with passion and conviction and belonging to that idea. It is an ecstasy that wrenches all the happiness from your insides. It up lifts you to a place where you believe that anything is possible and at this moment we must thank Allah because it is always through Him we can find peace to ourselves. It is like all those hardships were nothing close to the reward you get in the form of this prestige. It is what pays back all your efforts and all your dreams. This feeling is your prestige and it is for this prestige that one struggles for. And what you go through at this moment, are the happiest moments of your lives.
If it’s not there then it’s really difficult to bring out the motives in humans to work tirelessly for any idea.
Do share your feelings on this.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pakistani Eagles and Bengali Tigers; Brothers of same fraternity!

It is an imbecile reality that we (Muslims) were supposed to be the members of the same fraternity. We were supposed to be brothers and sisters and we were to take care of each other. And were supposed to work together with one common goal of life that is to serve Allah Almighty and to promulgate His religion for the good of humanity.
We have a history and a grand civilization in common. But what was observed in Pakistan-Bangladesh match was just frightening and grave. Two ‘Muslim’ countries which share all of this history as a part of a fraternity, people of same faith, people with One God, people with One book, people with One Messenger, were praying to that same God, for the win of their respective country. Despicable! Indeed.

We are trapped in the shackles of Nationalism and so far it has given us infinite number of reasons to be divided. Pakistani, Bengali, Iranian, Iraqi, Arabian, Kuwaiti, Syrian, Punjabi, Sindhi, Balouchi, Pathan, Hazarvi, Doctor, Engineer, Advocate, Politician, Labor, Teachers, Students, Males, Females, Rich, Poor, Intellectual, Ignorant. That is that there can be infinite number of groups in which we can be divided and we actually are currently. When it comes to the movements for safeguarding ‘rights’, the protests and processions are conducted by these different groups present in the society. And nobody cares to consider his/her own wrongdoings and responsibilities. This situation will do nothing but will make this divide more prominent and these groups will continue to fight until we do not recognize the sentiments which unite us. This thing I think is the result of an individualistic society which is formed on the foundations of a Nationalistic state.

Although the behavior of Pakistani team was good in the match and they really appreciated the performance of Bangladeshi team but the idea which makes me disturbed is that ‘we’ are one and there is no ‘two’. We are supposed to be brothers and sisters and we are not to exploit others in any way. We should get along ‘united’ with each other not ‘divided’. There must be no differences between people’s rights and their moral responsibilities. It is vital for our civilization to understand this fact and proclaim the lost moralities of humans.

I was happy at Pakistan’s win of Asia Cup but I also felt this loss. After seeing both sides of the teams, praying and weeping and on the edges of their foot to know the outcomes of a very interesting match I felt all of this and thought to write it. Because we have freedom to write and express and it is for this expression we have language.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Death at UET

At 11:30 p.m. yesterday I got the message of my friend with the words of the title of this post. I called him and came to know that a student has died in UET’s hostel named Mumtaz Hall due to a crumbled wall in the washroom. One student died at the spot and another one escaped with leg damage and some major bruises. VC reached at the incidence and kept an eye on the proceedings. Students made protests, until VC assured to form a ‘committee’ to investigate into the matter.

It is with regret of the loss that is to be borne by the family of the deceased that has no compensation what so ever. Tears cannot flow back through eyes, souls cannot be brought back to existence, expectations; aspirations; associations; love; when lost cannot be given back but only if Allah wills. It is with Allah’s blessing that people find their peace. Otherwise many other souls are lost for the search of their loved ones and many others are left unattended. The whole way of living changes for some; attitudes; desires; aims and even relationships change their face. It is like the world you live in is no more. The people you lived with are no more. The moments you enjoyed are no more. It is those hearty laughs that you forget; these are celebrations you then long for. Everything seems to fade away in an emptiness of sorrow and grief. It is like your feet have left the earth and they wander by themselves. The words you hear have no more meanings in them; the eternal sunshine of the sun is like the gloominess of the night. It is in fact a night at day.

All the hustle of life quietens. It is death that you have experienced.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


What are the sentiments of caring? Why the act of doing something for someone beyond your interest is not something we encounter on daily basis? Why is it that we, the members of same species with the same origin, with same ideologies of values, borne by birth by every member of this race, has forgotten to care for others and for that unfathomable amount of love and service one can do for others. Why is it that we are loathed in a race for our own existence? Why is it that we do not have time to stop and think for a moment about our purpose and our responsibility as humans? Why is it that we have degraded ourselves to mere living organisms with no aims other than to strive for our own good and for our interest?
We pass by through wondrous creations of Allah Almighty. We are the ones with highest sense of dignity and honor. We have had valor and strength to conquer through the mightiest of the natural forces. With our intelligence we tamed the wraths of nature we have learned to survive and we have learned to lead our lives with civilization and it has been possible with Allah’s blessings alone. It is the higher sense of beauty and an insurmountable thirst for continuous improvement that lead to the wonders that we utilize every day. I was passing through a bridge in Lahore and I saw the sturdy pillars by which its structure was supported. I wondered in reminisce that it must have taken a large number of labor and a wealth of experience and understanding and calculations to build this structure. The world we see today is built pieces by pieces, deliberately, with planning, and sacrifice. This could not have been possible without the blessings of Allah, Who bestowed that unity which resulted in what we see. This cannot be possible without unity and unity cannot come except from care and love. This love is always without conditions and without bounds. The results can be achieved otherwise, but they will certainly not yield in increase of dignity and honor of human race.
It is altruism that is absent from our society. I see and I experience that everyone has some motives and it is these motives which shape the bases of relationships. It is these motives which compel any person to perform and persevere for anything.
I believe that this attitude excruciatingly extracts the humanity left inside humans. Without which we cannot exist. It is the need of the hour that we revive this passion of selfless service of others by giving what is required by others at the appropriate time at which it is required.