Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Confidence, Valor and Courage

Why are we in desperate confusion when making decisions regarding our very own personal future? Is it our wavering beliefs or lack of trust in our abilities? Unfortunately, we neither receive guidance nor we have vivid aims and goals. We cannot aspire with enthuse for something until we do not believe in it with full of our faith. This confusion I think has deep roots in our past. Our ancestors were the leaders and we are taught about their chronicles; zeitgeist is a civilization that directly clashes with ours. There is a fight for innate moralities of our society with the dominating influence of economic materialism. The results of this are very clear; delusion, discontent and division among ourselves.

It is really an amazing fact that after so many years of decline and loss of our values, we still have resistance and tyranny against the alienate influences of the west. It makes my belief stronger in my religion and its injunctions. This directs me in believing that the implications of my deen are not withered rather they just need authentic innovation in order to blossom in today’s climate. Our civilization has stood staunch in very grim and harsh conditions in the past; though its current stagnancy is condemn-able but it will eventually come out of this state victorious. As Iqbal and other Muslim intellects have pointed out that this innovative revival of Islamic thought will mark the height of human evolution and will be the final, most admirable feat of mankind.

So, in the past, our belief in one Allah Almighty won us battles and gave us that ‘drive’ to struggle and ‘to conquer the world for good’, today that very belief makes us cowards. In the battle of yermuk only 30-35 thousands were against 2 lakhs. This valor, courage, confidence, dignity, responsibility motivation, and enthusiasm came from where? Did it came from reading the ‘seven habits of the highly effective people’? Or was it something else?

This quest of mine for the answer of this question is still in process. If anyone here has the answers I’ll be glad to hear.