Saturday, February 27, 2010

History teaches us.....

The vivid history of mankind teaches a very great lesson it is very intersting to know that in history one lesson has been taught again and again, "humanity' strikes back when their is pain, fear, loss, and disaster".
Humanity itself is an integral part of human life but it never remains the same forever, sometimes it goes sky high and sometime to the darkest and deepest pits. The reasoning and intellect of human beings always remain in the minority, lined up against the ignorant majority. It is very strange and amazing to know that the intellect, induces leadership in those people who dare to have it at the right place and in the right time. In history if you see, in a certain group of people their has been constant declination of humanity through ages, until a group or even a sole figure rises to take the lead and change the course of history. but this always happens after an interval of very deep darkness. In the facts of the past and the moral stories we have learned, the movies we see; we very well know that truth righteousness, and humanity always win and the oppsition has to fall back. Take the examples of the roman empire, the muslim empire and the recent revolutions of france, germany, and iran. All these nations have stroke back their fall after a series of worst events and the realization of the mistakes.
We as humans knowing that bad will result in bad, still continue to build the sentiments which deprive us from humanity. But after an impact of rhobust disasters and failures we quickly recognize the reality and and start to unite and stand against it under the leadership of that intellect which has got its destiny