Sunday, June 29, 2014

Your True Love! What is it?

What is it that you hold most dear in this world?

We have fires inside us, burning and sweltering, the fire of want and desire, of lust and passion, of virtue and wickedness. These fires have fuels, nations and religions, family and friends, ambitions and fame. How long these fires remain ablaze inside us depends on our faith, the unwavering faith on what we hold most dear in this temporary, delusional world of ours. You can see on people’s face when they talk about it, the excitement and glory on their faces, you can see how possessive they are of what they hold dear, unadulterated love, their true ambition, they don’t know it themselves sometimes.
It is not that these fires don’t have a grandeur effect on the happenings of this world, rather our innermost reactions, innermost eruptions of lust and desire are one of the defining things that govern what happens in magnum opus of the Creator. The sparks of loves, the hatreds and all that goes inside our heart is how this visible world is formed by humans. Nature on the contrary remains a steady audience of all the mischief of man always reminding, always standing ironic and still, mocking humans of what they have truly lost.
There are all kinds of people, all kinds of dreams and adventures, virtuous and wicked, which are embedded in our souls, to choose is our destiny and to lull into a willow uproots every moral ground of being.  Acting on what your heart points out is not only difficult it requires sacrifice of what you truly love and what you value most in the visible world. But once you give heed to what your heart says you will be free, you will be free from its scorns and the mourning forever. But to do so requires courage and acceptance of who you truly are.

What is it that you hold most dear in this world?

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robert said...


Thank you for this blog!

This is a very nice post, immediately bringing to mind imam al-Ghazzali's The Alchemy of Happiness.

What is most dear to us in this world?

This is an amazingly important question, since we become that which we identify.

For us, we strive to identify with the noblest of human qualities and the Reality from which those qualities derive.

All good wishes,